Sunday, 18 August 2013


Yesterday we decided to write a list of Jack-Jack's belongings to make it easier to pack them up when the time comes for him to leave us and join his adoptive family. It's amazing how much he's accumulated since he arrived! We figured we might not be thinking as clearly during the week of introductions with all the emotions that go along with that - better to be prepared now so that we don't forget anything. We decided it would be easier to separate Jack-Jack's own toys from those that will stay, so spent a good hour reshuffling the living room.

We filled an empty plastic box with his smaller toys and games, and as we went through the various boxes that make up our toy collection, we realised how much we've already refined our toy purchase decisions over the time that Jack-Jack's been living with us. Some toys we found on the bestseller lists we'd never buy again (there's one particular toy we'll be thrilled to see the back of), others we'd highly recommend and will be replacing. Although we have a selection of each, we noticed a real preference for wooden toys over plastic for both Jack-Jack and Andy, the big exceptions being Happyland and Wow toys which both come out every day. The very few electronic toys in our collection have hardly been played with at all.

Over the years I'm sure the toys in the house will keep changing, as different children come and go, and even those of the same age will have different preferences, interests and skills, and will have toys that challenge them and help them to understand the world. By the time we've been fostering for twenty years we'll be toy connoisseurs!


  1. It is very interesting to read of your, and the children's, toy preferences. I find it very interesting that they prefer imaginative play, old fashioned wooden and solid toys over the brightly coloured toys that make a lot of noise and don't really allow for freedom in play.

    1. Yes, the electronic things we've had really haven't held their interest at all. At the moment Jack-Jack's favourite game is holding something up to his ear and babbling into it pretending it's a phone, no matter what it is... a coaster, piece of train track, glove puppet, toast, car, ball, elephant, a corn on the cob....