Saturday, 4 May 2013

Could you foster?

We realised recently that it's almost one year to the day since we first called our local authority to enquire about fostering. Within two weeks we had had our first home visit, started the Skills to Foster course shortly after that, and our journey as foster carers had begun. If someone had told us back then that we'd be placed with a baby and be 4 months into our first placement by now, I don't think we'd have believed them. Fostering definitely has its frustrations and challenges, but we wouldn't change anything about our life right now, except perhaps to add more children to the family!

Foster Care fortnight is coming up - this year it's Monday 13th - Sunday 26th May. There are various campaigns going on all around the country (Esmeralda has even recorded a piece about our experiences for a local radio station!) to highlight the need for around 9000 more carers nationwide to provide loving homes for children and young people.

Whether or not you have children already, whether you're single or in a couple, if you're considering becoming a foster carer it would be a great opportunity to contact your local authority or other agency and find out some more information. There's no obligation to continue at any stage of the process if you decide that fostering is not for you.

Jack-Jack is doing great - he had his first dentist appointment (he charmed all the reception staff, grinned his toothiest grin at the dentist and then got a Mickey Mouse sticker) and we had the health visitor round to do his 9-12 month check this week. She was really pleased with his progress. He's growing and developing well, and the only slight concern is around his communication so we've been referred to speech and language therapy. It's hard to believe that his 1st birthday is just around the corner - but we're having great fun thinking of suitable presents!

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