Monday, 20 May 2013

The Baby Show, CWDC and are we really just "other" to the children we foster?

Esmeralda and I have finally finished our CWDC! This is the workbook/portfolio that all foster carers have to complete in the first year, detailing evidence that we have and are applying the knowledge and skills crucial to foster care. It's the sort of thing that is very exciting when you hear about it during training, but very boring once actually started. It was quite a slog to get through the last third or so, but we wanted to get it finished in advance of our (early) annual review which is happening on Thursday with our social worker Jane.

We went to the Baby Show at the NEC on Saturday. It was just an excuse for a day out really as we didn't need to buy anything (although that said we did come back with a buggy laden down with shopping bags) and it was heavily geared towards expectant or new parents, but Jack-Jack really enjoyed trying out all the toys and we got lots of freebies. Jack-Jack especially liked the Little Tikes stay and play area, but his favourite part of the whole day was the free helium balloon he got from the Vtech stand - it kept him amused all the way home!

We have noticed that although it's quite common to see "parent/carer" on posters, websites and other information, when it comes to filling out forms relating to a child it's a different story. Writing in a free text box is fine, but wherever it's necessary to choose your relationship to a child from a drop down list online, the choices seem to be restricted to: mother, father, grandparent or other relative, friend or other. I've recently taken to emailing companies asking them to add "foster carer" or even just "carer" to the list, to be more inclusive and give carers some visibility, but have yet to receive a positive reply.

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