Thursday, 13 December 2012


My wife and I are a same sex couple who have recently gone through the assessment process to become foster carers, and we thought we would start a blog to document the ups and downs of our journey. This will be an anonymous blog to protect our and our foster children's privacy, so we will be using Disney names (I will be Jessie, and my wife will be Esmeralda.) I know there will be friends and family reading this, so please remember not to use our real names if you do know them.

We first called our local council to enquire about fostering (after much discussion over several years) on May 14th 2012, and we went to panel on December 4th, where we were recommended for approval. It has been a very emotional and at times tough 7 months, but we learned a lot, and we know that our journey as a foster family is just beginning!

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