Saturday, 29 December 2012

Still waiting

Still no call.

Christmas was lovely, we had Esmeralda's mother to stay and saw all of my family. We got on with our plans, and kept forgetting that we could have a child placed with us any minute (although of course we're still jumping every time the phone rings!)

I know on the whole scale of things we haven't been waiting that long, but it's been long enough to have spent too long dwelling on every possible outcome - good or bad! We had a chat about it today, and it turns out we've both been having exactly the same worries - we can't do it, what if we've made the wrong decision, what if it all goes wrong... we've also both been wondering whether Jane has actually even told the duty team about us!

I'm sure once we get started it will all be fine, it's just the fear of the unknown!

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