Monday, 31 December 2012

First call

We've had our first call!

The landline phone rang and I picked it up with my heart beating about a million beats per minute. It was a lovely lady from the fostering duty team, calling about a referral for a sibling group of three little ones all under 3 years old who may be coming into care on Wednesday. I tried to remember all the questions I was supposed to ask from the training, and for some reason the only paper I could find at short notice was a tiny post-it pad, but the conversation went very well and I said I'd talk to Esmeralda and ring them back.

We had a chat about it, and although all three sound ideal for our family and we feel very positive about them, logistically our house isn't set up for three children so young. We could probably manage for a weekend as we have a travel cot, but they were talking about a minimum of 2-3 months. Sadly we don't really have the space, (or enough pairs of hands!) and it doesn't seem fair to place three children with us if we can't give them all the individual attention they need.

I rang the duty team back and offered to take two of the children, if they were going to have to split the sibling group up. She's going to talk to their social worker and ring us back to let us know, hopefully today.

Bless them, they can have no idea how much their life is about to change.

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