Monday, 17 December 2012


We had a call on our landline about 5pm this evening. Hardly anyone ever calls us on the landline - we glanced at each other and both of our stomachs flip-flopped into knots, and then Esmeralda picked it up. It was Jane. Both of us went a bit pale, and all I could hear was Esmeralda saying "Oh right, mmm, yes that's fine..."

She waited a beat after putting the phone down before telling me that Jane had just been calling to let us know that she'd checked the "lists" and there was no child for us today... and to tell us that our social care worker would phone us on Wednesday to arrange for our induction meeting.

I think we're going to have to get more people to phone us on our landline rather than our mobiles so that we don't have such a shock every time the landline phone rings!

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