Friday, 29 March 2013

Holiday time

So, we haven't had a chance to speak to our social worker Jane about our decision to be open to another placement as she's been on annual leave, but Jack-Jack's move into his own room has gone very smoothly. The only slight negative is that it does take us slightly longer to respond to him in the night - I think having someone scream half a meter away from your ear wakes you up far more effectively than sounds through a baby monitor, but the positives far outweigh this! The purchase of a blackout Gro blind for the window has helped even more now the evenings and early mornings are getting lighter, and last night he slept nearly 11 hours before waking for milk! We're not kidding ourselves that this will happen every night, but the odd unbroken 5 or 6 hours of sleep is doing wonders for Esmeralda and me.

We've just booked our first trip away as foster carers - we're going to Center Parcs for a weekend! Jack-Jack will enjoy going for walks, watching the wildlife and going swimming, and we've booked him into a session of soft play for crawlers. There isn't much specifically for the under-1s, but we were really impressed with the list of activities (although gulped a bit at the prices...) for slightly older toddlers upwards - I can see us going back regularly in the future with whatever children we have with us at the time!

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