Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Onward and upward

It's now nearly 11 weeks since Jack-Jack was placed with us, and this week Esmeralda and I have tentatively decided that we would be open to another baby placement. When Jack-Jack arrived we knew that he needed to be our only focus for the first couple of months, but his attachment to us is gradually increasing day by day (his recent illness seems to have helped push this along a little bit), his physical confidence is growing and we think that a much younger baby (maybe 0-4 months) might be a good fit for our family. Even though Jack-Jack is still young, we think it's as good a time as ever to introduce a tiny one as we're still used to getting up in the night multiple times, we're still sterilising bottles and making up formula etc. and we don't have a busy schedule already in place. We also don't want to be chasing two children in two different directions just yet so pre-mobile is good! We'll discuss it with our social worker Jane before we call the duty team to let them know, and see what she thinks. It doesn't mean the call is going to come immediately, but we've got the space, and we have all the equipment ready in case we have another short notice surprise. The only thing we're not looking forward to is working out two different contact schedules, but that may be a bonus as when each child is at contact the other will have one on one time.

We're spending this evening and the next few days moving furniture around to turn our study into a bedroom for Jack-Jack so that he can move out of our room. A younger baby would need to sleep in our room and we wouldn't want Jack-Jack to feel usurped by a newcomer, and we actually think he may sleep better in his own room as he won't be disturbed by us coming up to bed or turning over in the night etc. Plus he's been congested with teething recently and has been snoring so loudly it's forced me to sleep in the spare room! Esmeralda could sleep through a tornado so is blissfully unaware. Lady currently sleeps in the study, and in order to move her giant crate downstairs we've had to shuffle all the furniture around there too - Jack-Jack won't recognise it when he wakes up in the morning!

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