Friday, 15 March 2013

Poorly baby

Jack-Jack has discovered how to roll his Rs, and it's his absolute favourite thing to do. Esmeralda finds this hilarious as I can't roll my Rs but she can, so the two of them have spent many happy moments together trilling at me gleefully. He also does it as he's dropping off to sleep, so it's like listening to a little bird on the baby monitor!

We're just coming to the end of Jack-Jack's first proper illness with us. We've had the odd congested nose and the mild case of the chicken pox, but this week Jack-Jack came down with gastroenteritis.  He's missed two contact sessions which his social worker wasn't at all pleased about, but Esmeralda was firm on the phone and just said that we weren't sending him - there was no way he was well enough to travel. We've felt so sorry for him - he's been utterly miserable with a high fever and has barely slept at all for the last 72 hours. I had D&V yesterday too which left Esmeralda in charge. It made us even more in awe of single parents/carers than we were already - I have no idea how I would have looked after a poorly Jack-Jack on my own whilst feeling so poorly myself!

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