Saturday, 2 March 2013

Standing up for himself

We've had some tough times over the last few days and nights - Jack-Jack seems to be working through some very big emotions, a lot of which is manifesting as anger. We've had a fair few smacks, kicks and scratches to the face, as well as some extremely intense and prolonged screaming. Sometimes at 2am I feel guilty that we're probably waking the neighbours up, but then I tell myself that it's not like we can rationalise with an 8 month old, remind them to use their indoor voice and then ask them to draw a picture about their feelings.

Today we had a milestone - Jack-Jack pulled himself up to a stand! I missed it - he was happily sat by the stair gate in the living room, I looked away for maybe 10 seconds, looked back and he was standing up holding onto the bars! I thought for a moment that I must have stood him up there, but realised I hadn't, so I did what any loving, proud parent/carer would do - I squealed with excitement, and then immediately sat him down again to check that it wasn't a fluke. It wasn't! He even sat down and stood up a third time by himself just to prove the point! I then thought that Esmeralda should be sharing in this momentous occasion too, so I sat him down again, waited expectantly and had the video camera poised to record... but the moment had passed. He shot me a look, yawned, and crawled off to his pop-up dinosaur toy, where he proceeded to pop all the dinosaurs down for the first time, one after the other.

He fell asleep without any fuss at all at bedtime tonight - it's tiring work being so awesome.

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