Friday, 18 January 2013

Baby diet

An interesting byproduct of looking after Jack-Jack is that both Esmeralda and I have lost half a stone in weight! It's a combination of being so focused on him and his needs in the daytime, and then trying to get everything tidied up, bottles cleaned and into the steriliser, paperwork done etc. in the evening that we barely have time to eat or drink, let alone sit in front of the TV and snack! Lunches have mainly been on the move, either pacing the hallway with Jack-Jack napping in the carrier (this is what I'm currently doing whilst writing this post on my phone) or hanging out the washing when he's down in his cot, and breakfasts have turned into quick and easy fruit smoothies (forget the coffee unless both of us are here, and even then it's likely to go cold!)

Jack-Jack's mum didn't turn up for contact again this morning, but this time the whole experience was a lot more positive for everyone, with Jack-Jack getting into his carseat and leaving with the sessional worker without tears, and looking calm and content when he returned. He seems none the worse for his long car journey, although he does want to be held a little more than usual today, and wouldn't go down in his cot for a nap. Contact is arranged for Monday morning again, snow permitting.

We have loads of snow here, and it's still falling fast. Jack-Jack is interested in looking at it through the window, but is just too young to enjoy it outside. He can't yet sit up by himself or crawl, although the crawling can't be far off. We keep noticing him raise himself up onto his knees for a few seconds and rock backwards and forwards - it won't be long before that first knee moves and then there'll be no stopping him!

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