Monday, 14 January 2013

First tastes

We had a very successful military operation this morning (organised with a timetable, and it even included time for his first messy taste of banana!) to get Jack-Jack up, fed, clean, dressed and packed for 8am when he was picked up by the sessional worker who was taking him to contact with his mum. The journey takes about an hour or so each way, and as the contact was scheduled for 9am-midday, we weren't expecting him back until 1pm at the earliest.

At about half past nine, we got a call to say that his mum hadn't turned up, and the sessional worker was bringing Jack-Jack back. By the time they got back, Jack-Jack was screaming, his nappy was full to bursting, and he was so thirsty he accepted cooled boiled water from us, which he has always previously refused. We felt so sorry for him, and made sure he had loads of cuddles. It just seems so unfair, although we do want him to see his mum of course, it's a lot to put a little one through, especially all the driving and waiting around. His next contact is Friday, so hopefully that will go better.

After Jack-Jack's lunch, we all went out to a tea shop in town, and gave him some cucumber, sticks of red pepper, lettuce and bread to munch on whilst we ate our lunch. He sucked all the seeds off the cucumber and managed to get red pepper all over his face up to his eyebrows, which is definitely a sign of how much he enjoyed it!

It's lovely seeing him experience new tastes and textures (and it's hilarious looking at a piece of cucumber that's been nibbled on all the way round by someone with only two tiny teeth!) Esmeralda is going to make him weetabix for breakfast tomorrow, so perhaps that heralds the beginning of the end for the parade of (strangely expensive) jars and pouches of organic baby food in the kitchen cupboard...


  1. Aww bless, him, I'm sorry the contact didn't go well :-( But glad Jack-Jack enjoyed his food!! I have a baby weaning book you can borrow if you would like it, full of ideas, recipes and all the guidelines on which foods they can have when. I would say it was invaluable but you've seen my attitude to feeding little ones :-P

    1. Yes please, we'd love to borrow it. We have Annabel Karmel and a free book from Ella's kitchen, but the more ideas the better!