Monday, 28 January 2013

Changing plans

Jack-Jack's mum didn't turn up for contact again today. She did call ahead of time apparently to say that she wasn't coming, but the contact centre didn't have the sessional worker's number (or ours, or the social worker's), so no one knew and he was picked up and taken, and then brought back as usual. We heard from Jack-Jack's social worker the other day that the contact times are due to change to allow mum to call beforehand and save Jack-Jack an unnecessary journey, so hopefully once this is in place they'll also provide a list of useful numbers!

The sessional worker, who seems lovely and is also a foster carer, told me that this morning was his last time taking Jack-Jack to contact, as he's busy taking other children to their contact sessions at the new proposed times. This means that Jack-Jack's routine will change again (we haven't been told what the new times are yet, just that it will be later in the day), and he'll have to meet and get used to a new sessional worker, a different car, and possibly a new contact centre too as they won't necessarily have space available at the new times at the one he's been going to.

Thankfully the long car journey was probably quite good for Jack-Jack today as I'd think he slept for most of it. Our day started very early this morning and it doesn't feel like yesterday ever really stopped going by how much of the night was spent awake! He was pretty miserable today and had two long naps in the afternoon too which is unusual. I hope these teeth pop through soon so we can have our happy baby back!

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