Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Don't wake the baby!

I was working away peacefully in the lounge this morning during Jack-Jack's nap time, when suddenly a blurry figure flew down the stairs and past the lounge door at the speed of light, and I heard "THE TOOOOOOOAST" in an amplified stage whisper. The implications of this hit me immediately, and I jumped up off my chair, grabbed a tea towel and started frantically flapping it in the air below the smoke detector whilst Esmeralda whipped the grill pan out and waved it outside the kitchen window. The best thing about this whole episode was that 2 seconds prior to smelling the toast, Esmeralda said she'd been making up a parcel upstairs in the study, and was worrying about the popping bubble wrap waking the baby!

We found out yesterday that one of our friend's little ones has chicken pox, so we now have a two week wait to see whether Jack-Jack caught it at the soft play centre on Saturday. Thankfully Esmeralda had it as a child, and I had it for the first time in June last year (awful!) so if he does get spotty we'll both be able to care for him without catching it!

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