Wednesday, 2 January 2013


It's been quite a day! I spoke to the duty team this morning, and from what they said and the questions they were asking, it sounded quite likely that the two youngest children from the family we heard about on New Year's Eve would be arriving today.

Esmeralda and I both arranged to be able to leave work early in case of their arrival, I made up a bed and cot with clean sheets, I got out appropriate toys, tidied up and cleaned.

At mid-afternoon I got another call from the duty team - there's been a delay and the decision whether to take the children into care won't now be made for another three weeks. They're not going to keep us on standby, so hopefully we'll get another call before too long, but there's still the chance the two little ones will come to us.

We feel disappointed, but it obviously wasn't the right thing that they come to us today. On the plus side, the house has never looked so clean and tidy! It was quite funny actually - we thought the house was babyproofed, but as soon as we imagined real children living here we could spot loads of things that needed locking away or moving up higher! Pretty much every surface is now clear from about three feet down!

It feels good to have had the first call, even though what we expected didn't actually happen. It's taken some of the fear and worry out of the phone ringing!

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