Thursday, 10 January 2013

In any other job this would be called torture

So... I was just dropping off for a well-earned nap this afternoon, when someone screamed in my ear from two feet away, and then shouted at me in frustration at jet engine volumes until I'd jumped up and completed 15 renditions of twinkle twinkle little star in a row whilst jigging on the spot, before they finally closed their eyes and started snoring with the satisfaction of a job well done and allowed me to lay down again feeling slightly shell shocked.

It's a good job he's so cute!

One thing that we really weren't expecting is that our 2.5 year old puppy Lady seems to have really grown up and matured over the last 3 days. Jane even commented on it yesterday as she actually listened when Jane told her to sit. Lady is so good with Jack-Jack, although she seems to disapprove of most of our care of him, and stands over us watching very seriously when we're changing his nappy. She looks concerned when he cries, and rushes over to check he's ok. She even came to get me from the kitchen yesterday morning when I was doing the washing up, to tell me that Jack-Jack had woken from his nap, and then glared at me accusingly until I went to get him. Jack-Jack thinks Lady is the best thing ever and laughs at everything she does, so it's definitely the start of a beautiful friendship!

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