Sunday, 20 January 2013


I had another rocky night with Jack-Jack (he was awake for the majority of the night, and screaming for a proportion of that, goodness knows what the neighbours think I'm doing to him!) but today has been really lovely. Esmeralda came off night shifts this morning and decided to stay up all day, and we wrapped up warm and went on a trip to Tesco in the snow. Jack-Jack slept all the way there and all the way back, and was alert and content whilst we were there. He ate a good lunch in the cafe (so we also got to eat, and even had a coffee!) and was enjoying watching all the hustle and bustle going on around us.

Jack-Jack is going through so many changes at the moment. He's had to get used to us (and all the things in a home that matter to a baby and their routine - different cot, bedding, highchair, buggy, bottles, smells, sounds etc. as well as our different way of doing things.) He's had lots of physical advances: starting to crawl, he's now confidently weight bearing when we hold him up, and can balance himself sitting on the floor. He's also grown, so he's gone up a clothing size (he's mostly in 9-12 month clothes now!) and a nappy size since he's been here. His weaning is going very well, and he's getting much happier with the stage two food now, as well as eating lots of finger foods - he's eating much more at his meals, so his bottle feeds have naturally reduced in size. He's growing up before our eyes, it's amazing to watch! I'm not surprised his sleep is a little all over the place this week, bless him.

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