Thursday, 24 January 2013


Ok, I'm going to mention sleep again, but only because Jack-Jack had a great night! He went to bed at 7pm, grizzled a couple of times, but once we'd gone to bed he only woke up once for milk at 4am and then slept through until 6.30am! He also woke up in a cheerful mood and sang to himself in his cot for 15 minutes until we got up, which was a very nice alarm clock to wake up to!

I've been leaving a beaker (one of those spill-proof Nuby ones - we tried freeflow but it ended up flowing freely all over the carpet) of cooled boiled water on the floor for Jack-Jack to have a drink whenever he wants one, but until now he hadn't taken any interest in it unless I held it to his mouth, and even then he was just chewing on the spout. Twice today I looked over and he had the beaker gripped in both hands and was drinking from it!

We went to our local soft play centre this afternoon with our friend and her two little ones. They all had a blast. Jack-Jack was very happy sitting and watching the bigger kids, rolling on the floor giggling, and playing chase with me practicing his new commando crawl. He also gallantly put up with being poked up the nose by our friend's baby girl, and leaped on by her exuberant toddler son. He had so much fun he completely wiped himself out, and fell asleep on my lap during his afternoon milk feed. We ended up spending about 2.5 hours there in total - it's a complete bargain for the entry fee, especially in this snowy weather when we're all getting a bit of cabin fever!

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