Monday, 7 January 2013


We have our first placement!

We were called about 5pm about a 7 month old baby boy (Jack-Jack for the purposes of this blog), who needed to be placed asap. They had practically no information about him, so we didn't know his nappy size, formula brand etc. and we had another call at about 6.15pm saying that he was on the way with his social workers and would arrive in 40 minutes with nothing but the babygro he was wearing! We had a mad dash out to Sainsbury's for formula cartons, baby jars (we didn't know if he was weaning), nappies etc. and arrived back just as the social workers drove up. Thankfully we'd already prepared by buying some clothes in every size in our age range, and have bath bits, bedding etc.

He is absolutely lovely, the social workers are obviously smitten with him, and they said a couple of times that we couldn't have asked for a better first placement. We don't know how the night is going to go, but at the moment he's very contented to play on the floor with a plastic hanger and a remote control (right next to the baby toys!)

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