Sunday, 24 February 2013

Eating and sleeping

We've had a lovely weekend with Esmeralda's mum. We went to a local farm yesterday and showed Jack-Jack all the lambs, piglets and chicks. He seemed a bit mesmerised, but was looking around taking everything in! Today we went to IKEA for lunch, and bought a new highchair so that Jack-Jack can practise his pincer grip (the one we have doesn't have a tray as it's designed to be used at the dining table, but we tend to feed Jack-Jack in the kitchen at this stage to contain some of the mess!) Jack-Jack shared my meatballs, mashed potato and peas, tried some of Esmeralda's tomato soup, and munched down on some bread roll with gusto, kicking his legs and smooshing mashed potato all over his hands. He seems to be swinging between mealtimes either being an absolute joy or very frustrating and a bit of a battle at the moment (much more from his side than ours, as we're of the philosophy that he gets his calories from his milk and food is just to experience tastes and textures for the next few months at least, so are quite relaxed about the whole thing!)

Although we've mostly cracked naptimes at home, when we're out Jack-Jack rarely naps more than half an hour at a time in the car, buggy or carrier, which can make for some pretty cranky afternoons out. Other than staying home all day apart from quick dashes out between meals and naps, we're not sure how to get round this one quite yet. Perhaps someone should invent a full-size cot on wheels, complete with soundproofing, blackout curtains and cosy home decor for the ultimate in portable baby comfort..?

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