Friday, 1 February 2013

The notebook

We were told on Wednesday that one final contact at the current time of 9am-midday had been arranged for this morning, so we had Jack-Jack ready to be picked up at 8am as usual. We waited for the call at 9.15am to tell us that they were on their way back... but it never came! We realised about 9.40am that mum must have turned up this time, and both Esmeralda and I felt a bit strange about it. I think in all honesty, as we were four weeks into placement without mum having attended a contact session, both of us were thinking that the contact would eventually stop and we would get Jack-Jack into a normal routine. Having spoken about it, we're really pleased that he's had the chance to see his mum, and at least if she's going to attend from now on, then the contact will become part of his new normal.

One huge positive that came out of today was that Jack-Jack's mum asked the sessional worker to write a note back to us in the notebook that we always send with him to contact. We've been writing what sort of a night he's had, what he had for breakfast, anything "wrong" with him (rashes, teething, cough etc.) and always that we hope they have a good time together at the end. Apparently his mum was really pleased with the notebook, and she asked some specific questions about Jack-Jack in her note. Now that I know how she feels, I can write a longer, chattier note next time, answering her questions and giving a bit more detail about Jack-Jack's day.

I feel a huge amount of relief that this first contact has now happened, and that there doesn't seem to be any animosity from mum towards us.

We have another milestone to report - this evening Jack-Jack pulled himself up onto his knees during his bathtime in the kitchen sink! Thankfully the bath seat we ordered for him arrived this morning, so we'll spend the next couple of days getting him used to it, and then he can transition up to the big bath upstairs. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if this child stood up and took his first steps before he could properly crawl!

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