Sunday, 17 February 2013

Spaghetti junction

Jack-Jack still hasn't broken out in full blown chicken pox yet and the couple he did have are drying up, we're holding out hope that this may be a very mild case, although people keep telling us about cases they know of where the child suddenly woke up covered head to toe in spots once the parents let their guard down and thought it was all over. Constant vigilance!

Esmeralda was working today, and Jack-Jack and I had a day at home as he's been a bit under the weather despite the lack of spots. I cooked up some spaghetti for my lunch and made extra so that he could play with it - he thought it was the funniest thing ever, it kept him entertained for over half an hour! He kept trying to eat it, but was holding each string of spaghetti in both hands, and when he finally got one end of a string in his mouth he'd accidentally pull it out again with the other hand and would painstakingly go through the whole thing again, I wish I'd videoed it! He's still working on that pincer grip, bless him.

Jack-Jack's case is going to court again this week. We don't know exactly why, and as with any of these things there's always the chance (we've been told it's very slim) that the court will place Jack-Jack back with mum, in which case we presume he'd leave in quite a hurry, possibly the same day. It's a very strange thing to have hanging over your head, but at least he doesn't know what's going on so doesn't need to worry about it. Providing that the above doesn't happen, we do know that contact arrangements will be discussed so hopefully there'll be some positive change for Jack-Jack there to make it a bit easier.

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