Friday, 15 February 2013

The pox!

No contact again today, due to the lack of sessional workers. It was probably for the best though as this evening when we undressed Jack-Jack for his bath, we noticed his lower back was covered in spots! He's had quite a big one on his face for a couple of days, but we just thought it was a milk spot - apparently not! We had a bit of a dramatic evening after that. Although we weren't worried that it was anything serious, we decided not to take any risks and rang the out of hours GP service - a clinician rang us back about an hour later. After we'd talked through Jack-Jack's symptoms he booked us an appointment 20 minutes later at the out of hours GP in the hospital nearby, who confirmed that it was chicken pox. We had to explain that we were his foster carers and not his parents at every stage (although we were told in our training that if we ever needed to go to the hospital with a foster child, the hospital would call the fostering service in front of us to check our story, which didn't happen!) and then called the out of hours fostering support service when we got home. They took all the details, and will fax both Jack-Jack's social worker and our social worker on Monday. I also emailed both social workers to suggest that contact is cancelled for the next week at least, and to let mum know asap in case there's any chance she's pregnant, as she saw Jack-Jack yesterday and he would have been contagious.

Jack-Jack ate his first fully "grown-up" meal at dinner time - no baby food and no mashing! He had some pitta bread with humous, most of a fishcake, steamed carrots, peas (chewed them one by one and then spat out the skins), steamed apple and a couple of satsuma segments. We were so proud!

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