Monday, 11 February 2013

The mystery of the missing sessional worker

Jack-Jack was due to be picked up for contact at 10.45am this morning, we got him all packed and ready, and at 10.20am we managed to get through to his social worker on the phone (to find out the worker's name as we're supposed to know this before they arrive) who confessed that she had no idea whether anyone was going to pick him up or not. Apparently she'd put in a request for an agency sessional worker on Friday, but neither of the people who book the agency workers were in today so she couldn't find out whether it had been done! She asked us to tell her whether Jack-Jack was collected or not, so that she could let mum know whether contact was happening. No wonder parents lose trust in the "system". It's all been a bit of a shambles so far really, but apparently they've found someone who can do one day a week starting this Thursday, so hopefully that's a bit of continuity for both Jack-Jack and mum.

Jack-Jack has decided that he hates the rain cover on the push chair, and he has very little choice in the matter at the moment seeing as it seems to be raining or snowing every minute of the day and it's far too windy to put him in a carrier and use an umbrella! I think he'd be quite happy to stay in all day and watch "Mike the knight" on CBeebies instead of going out, but sadly we have errands to run so he's been letting us know just how cross he is in a variety of ways - violently kicking his feet so the rain cover pops off the bottom of the pushchair is a favourite, followed by the sort of angry screaming that makes passers-by give us "those" looks.

Roll on springtime, and hurry up to the long, warm (or at least not snowing) days of summer!

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