Sunday, 10 February 2013

Weather report

Rain, rain and more rain!

Seeing the forecast this morning, we decided to take out a buggy given to us by a friend, (much better rain cover than our normal buggy,) brave the weather and go for a long walk with the dog. We ended up doing a 3 hour round trip via a lovely gastropub for a warming mulled cider, and Jack-Jack managed a good nap on the way. This was our first proper outing with both the dog and the baby (except for normal dog walks), and it went very well - I think Lady was a little calmer than usual with Jack-Jack there.

Jack-Jack sat himself up from lying down for the first time this evening, and no one saw it! I glanced over at him and he was lying down playing, glanced back and he was sat up looking very proud of himself. One of his legs was pointing forwards and the other was bent backwards, but it didn't seem to be bothering him too much - the boy has his own style!

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