Thursday, 14 February 2013

Thursday night fever

Esmeralda has been on night shifts for the past 3 nights, and Jack-Jack has had a runny nose and a cough, which means none of us have had much sleep! We've just bought one of those wedges to put under the cot mattress to try to help him sleep a bit better when he's congested, although we're dubious that it will work as he moves around so much in his sleep, he's likely to be found lying straight across the bottom with his feet wedged between the bars, which considering he sleeps in a grobag is quite a feat of acrobatics!

He had contact this afternoon and (quite unsurprisingly as I wouldn't like to travel 2 hours in the car when I have a cold and haven't slept very well either) has been very unsettled since he returned home. He's been clingy, seemed disorientated and confused, hasn't really wanted to eat, and wailed through the bedtime routine which we cut short as he was exhausted. It's 9.30pm and he's already woken 5 times since going to sleep at 6.30pm which is really unusual these days. We don't know whether contact is going ahead tomorrow or not, and to be honest a bit of me hopes it isn't as I don't want to put him through it again when he's already feeling miserable. Bless him.

We're planning a late Valentine's family treat of brunch out in the morning, so that will be a nice start to the day, whatever happens afterwards!

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