Friday, 8 February 2013

Stranger danger

Contact this morning was cancelled at short notice as they couldn't find a sessional worker to pick Jack-Jack up and supervise the session. It was a shame, because the contact yesterday went much better, and his mum wrote in the notebook that she was really pleased with how well he was being cared for, and that she was going to bring some toys/clothes/bits and pieces of his from home for him today. I feel a bit sorry for her as she was obviously looking forward to seeing Jack-Jack. They still hadn't called her by the time I rang and found out that it was cancelled, so she had even less notice than we did.

It feels very odd and wrong to be sending Jack-Jack off with strangers, especially as we're supposed to be doing everything we can to promote his attachment to us. As he left with the sessional worker yesterday (who he's never met before and won't again, as she was just covering, and who didn't take his carseat so he had nothing familiar about the journey at all) he was reaching out his arms for me and his eyes looked worried. How is this helping his trust in me when I'm smiling and waving him off regardless of his feelings? If he was my child there is no way I would ever send him off on his own with a stranger, but his social worker doesn't seem too concerned.

Esmeralda has a rare weekend off work, so we're going to take the opportunity to do lots of family things together - soft play, the park, church, and maybe even the family trip of all family trips - IKEA!

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