Friday, 22 February 2013

The mess that could have been

Jack-Jack is still learning new skills every day - yesterday he learned to splash in the bath, and also sat up in his cot for the first time during his morning nap (this completely freaked him out as he didn't know how to lie down again, and it took an hour and a half to calm him down.) He's also on the verge of cruising around furniture - he's not pulling himself up to a stand yet, but he can pull up to kneeling, and if we stand him up next to a piece of furniture he'll move his hands along but hasn't quite got his legs coordinated enough to follow!

Esmeralda's mum is visiting for the weekend, staying in a nearby B&B. She loved seeing us with Jack-Jack today and was asking when we were going to start having our own babies, as she thinks we should have a house full. One baby in the house is quite enough for us at the moment - in the two seconds Esmeralda was fetching out a sleepsuit from the cupboard before Jack-Jack's bath this evening, he managed to poo on the carpet on the landing and then gleefully roll in it. Imagine the havoc that more than one baby could have got up to!

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